Responsible innovation by design

Thalamos’ mission is to deliver better outcomes for patients. To achieve this we take a ‘by design’ approach to responsible innovation.

Innovating in the healthcare sector carries with it significantly more regulation and compliance than many other sectors. Rightly so when the impact on society’s most vulnerable can be significant, particularly around health inequalities and digital exclusion. These regulatory considerations can slow innovation however, and can in turn delay patients seeing the benefit of innovation.

Thalamos’ Product and Engineering teams have developed an entirely novelle approach to addressing these complex challenges. At the outset of every new feature or function we make provision for:

  • Information Governance
  • Clinical Safety
  • Lived Experience

Feature review process

Considering IG, Clinical Safety and Lived Experience requirements at the outset of a feature means that we are building it right, first time. Not leaving compliance until after the event and trying to retrofit a standard. Including these elements at the outset gives all stakeholders equity in the innovation.

New features are collaborative between engineering, product and users and all are underpinned by maximising patient benefit.

Once built, features are ready to use ‘out of the box’ as we can immediately evidence that Clinical Safety, IG Compliance and Lived Experience pre-requisites have been met.

Responsible innovation framework
Group of patients

Better for Patients

Thalamos is built on personal experience. Lived Experience is therefore embedded into everything we do. Our early challenge however was that, unlike Clinical Safety and IG, there was no framework to build on. So, we made our own:

  1. First and foremost, we brought in a professional at the top table. Sitting on our Steering Group, Steve Gilbert OBE is responsible for helping us to embed Lived Experience.
  2. We created a simple framework for our teams to follow when making product decisions.
  3. We constantly sense check our framework and seek feedback from Lived Experience experts and groups.
  4. We are transparent and we learn.

Clinically Safer

Thalamos think about Clinical Safety first, not last. DCB0129/60 is a handover of risk between supplier and consumer. We think it would be better if that risk didn’t exist in the first place. To achieve this our Clinical Safety Team is embedded within our Product Team. They meet fortnightly discussing the roadmap and how to make features and functions as safe as possible. When DCB0129 comes around we’re ready to go. This process can make development slower to begin with but a lot faster in the round, and, it’s safer. Which is the entire point!

MHA clinicians

Simpler IG

Thalamos facilitates a multi-stakeholder, multi-organisational care pathway involving highly vulnerable people and their special category data. Getting IG right is critical, everything we do is designed against the seven principles of GDPR. Additionally;

  • no data is stored on local devices
  • no data is shared over email
  • full audit trail of activities
  • we maintain a live template DPIA detailing latest iterations
  • we developed a bespoke “guest access” system with the CQC and Metropolitan Police.

Similarly, to Lived Experience and Clinical Safety, we embed these processes in our product development process. Always seeking ways to ensure patients and their data is protected.

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