Thalamos is an interoperable end-to-end eMHA (Mental Health Act) software and administration system that integrates all parts of the mental health crisis care pathway.

Thalamos works with, and alongside, all existing hospital systems and processes. Whilst not a core record system, it is architected to work seamlessly with them. 

Any new digital tool or software product is only as good as its ability to work with all other systems and tools already in use by a hospital trust, private provider, police force, local authority, ICS, or the CQC. Thalamos is that system. 

Why integrate with Thalamos

15 hours

Thalamos has helped reduce access to treatment times from 7 days to 15 hours.

1-3 days

Patients can be discharged 1-3 days sooner by trusts using Thalamos.


of trusts and private providers have completed or received a Thalamos form.

Communicate with partner organisations

It has never been easier to complete, file and export Mental Health Act (MHA) forms directly to an EPR/ePMA and communicate with all partners involved in a hospital admission.

Using the Metropolitan Police Service as an example of the interoperable readiness of Thalamos, we see a new crisis care pathway that can communicate in real time with the NHS. A police officer attending a suspected mental health incident, typically distressing for both patient and officer, is now able to fill in all their statutory MHA forms and share it instantly with their nearest mental health hospital. The officer can send the ‘paperwork’ ahead so when the patient arrives, they can be admitted to the place of safety much more quickly. Plus the hospital is already prepared for their arrival. This saves a significant amount of time for both the officer and admitting hospital. However most importantly, the patient receives the level of care they need as quickly as in any other health emergency.

Communicate with partner organisations
Thalamos interoperability

Save time on administration

Quickly upload statutory documents and patient notes using the EPR/ePMA buttons directly within the Thalamos ecosystem.

This simple and intuitive integration significantly reduces the administration burden of a Mental Health Trust. This is because MHA Teams no longer need to manually download, scan, upload and send paper or PDF forms.

Which EPRs/ePMAs can Thalamos integrate with?

Servelec Rio: Thalamos is the only eMHA provider to sign an integration agreement with Servelec Rio.

Leading ePMA: In discussion.

Patient portals: Bring patients into their own care:

Share 132 rights with patients and their relatives through your patient portal.

Section 17 leave: Invite patients to see their Section 17 documents via the patient portal.

Rio integration

How does integration with Thalamos work?

Phase 1: Upload to EPR button:

An ‘Upload to EPR’ button will be integrated into relevant forms. Typically, the NHS number is used via the EPR’s API, with a demographics look up to ensure it is the correct patient.

Phase 2: Full data integration:

Given the nature of this integration we need an interoperability standard to make it work. This is currently in development with Thalamos convening a working group supported by InterOpen and assorted NHS stakeholders.


Thalamos offers a series of off-the-shelf digital MHA Forms with local customisation and bespoke forms available. Get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.


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