We are delighted to announce that Dr Iain Grant, Thalamos advisor and psychiatrist has been promoted to Clinical Safety Officer.

One of the first advisors to join the Thalamos Steering Group, Iain’s main role is an ST6 Acting Consultant Psychiatrist working on the complex and treatment-resistant rehabilitation ward in Buckinghamshire. Iain is frequently involved in the Mental Health Act pathway and assessments for those most in need.

In his new role as Clinical Safety Officer, Iain will guide Thalamos through the logistics of digitising a complex care pathway with multiple stakeholders and translating this to the frontline. Iain will also lead on Thalamos’ unique Responsible Innovation by Design approach which identifies information governance, clinical safety and lived experience requirements at the outset of a new product or engineering feature. This means that we can build it right, first time. Not leaving compliance until after the event and trying to retrofit a standard. Including these elements at the outset gives all stakeholders equity in the innovation.

Iain has extensive experience in the implementation of health technology into clinical practice and championing digital transformation projects. Iain has helped to influence the national Digital Clinical Safety Strategy through his roles as Medical Software and Clinical Safety Advisor for the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Digital Special Interest Group Executive and as a elected member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics. Additionally, Iain is a Communications Officer for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Private & Independent Practice Specialist Interest Group Executive and a Chartered Manger and member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Dr Iain Grant, Clinical Safety Officer said: “I am delighted to take on the mantle of Clinical Safety Officer for Thalamos. Over the last four years we have completely revolutionised the mental health act pathway for multiple regions and organisations across the UK, helping patients to access the care they need in a simpler, swifter and safer way. I will help to ensure we keep the patient at the heart of everything we do.”

Ross Tomison, Chief Operating Officer for Thalamos added: “We were fortunate enough to meet Iain very early in the Thalamos journey. Iain has played an integral role in ensuring that Thalamos’ software is safe, compliant and maintains real-world utility. His guidance and expertise around the Mental Health Act are felt team-wide and his appointment is a perfect reflection of his impact on Thalamos both up until now and into the future.”