Since 2018, we’ve been digitising the Mental Health Act to make access to acute mental health care swifter, simpler and safer. Now, we’re partnering with The Access Group Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system, Rio EPR, to streamline and speed up patient access even further. 

Through our integration with Rio EPR, we’re enabling key patient information recorded on the Thalamos platform to be automatically uploaded to the patient care record. 

Admin burden and treatment delays

When organising treatment for someone sectioned under the Mental Health Act, there is a great deal of information that practitioners must record and share. Manually entering and re-uploading patient information from relevant Mental Health Act forms into the patient record is time-intensive and can lead to treatment delays. It also increases the risk of errors or omissions being made.

For those in need of acute mental health care, every second counts; the sooner they can access treatment, the better their chances of recovery. So reducing the risk of delays and streamlining the process of arranging and approving treatment is crucial. 

Streamlining through system integration

That’s why we’ve integrated with Rio EPR. Now, when a practitioner completes a Mental Health Act form via the Thalamos platform, they will no longer have to manually reenter this information into the patient record. Instead, it is automatically transferred to and stored in the EPR. This removes the need for practitioners to spend time manually re-entering the information into multiple systems.

By eliminating this unnecessary manual administration, the integration will help save time for clinicians and reduce the risk of error and treatment delay. More clinical time will be freed up to spend with patients, further reducing treatment wait times and easing the pressure clinicians are facing due to rising patient demand. 

Enabling key patient information to be directly and securely shared will make it easier for practitioners across different services to access the information needed to effectively collaborate on delivering care. Accurate, up-to-date information will be accessible instantly in the patient record. This will enable practitioners to make faster, informed decisions on care, and allow treatment to be started sooner.

A blueprint for more connected care

With Rio EPR already in use across two-thirds of UK mental health Trusts, this integration is providing a promising blueprint for more connected mental health care nationwide. Making it easier and safer for data to be shared and accessed by practitioners will ultimately drive faster, more collaborative care for those sectioned under the Mental Health Act. 


Got a question about our integration with Rio EPR? Or want to know how Thalamos can support your organisation to deliver swifter, simpler and safer acute mental health care? Connect with a member of our team.