We help improve patient outcomes in mental healthcare

We help improve patient outcomes in mental healthcare

Thalamos’ software joins up admission, treatment and discharge care pathways. We support healthcare professionals to provide a swifter, simpler and safer experience for those in need of acute mental healthcare.

We enable patients to get better mental healthcare when they need it

15 hours

Thalamos has helped to reduce average access to treatment time from 7 days to 15 hours


of NHS trusts have sent or received a Thalamos form


nursing ward shift can be saved per week by using Thalamos


Be there for patients

We remove the complications and hurdles involved in assessment, admission, treatment and discharge. Individuals can get swifter access, receive better care and get home sooner. You can therefore focus on the individual, not the admin.

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If someone breaks their leg, they receive immediate treatment. Mental healthcare patients deserve parity with physical healthcare ones.

How does it work?

Thalamos is the only end-to-end Mental Health Act software solution. It joins up admission, treatment, hospital and discharge care pathways.

Thalamos end-to-end pathway

Why use Thalamos

Swifter access to care and treatment for patients

Forms are sent and received instantly and therefore may be actioned much more quickly. Working with Thalamos, the CQC were able to reduce access to treatment time from 7 days to 15 hours. Swifter access to care reduces the amount of time individuals are in restrictive environments.

Significantly reduces errors

No more illegible handwriting or missed segments. Forms can be completed, shared and received accurately and securely.

Saves time and money

Free up ward time; a minimum of 1 whole nursing shift per week can be saved simply by using digital forms. Additionally, swifter completion of discharge paperwork improves patient flow leading to individuals being discharged 1 day sooner.

Improved legal compliance

Assured compliance with Mental Health Act, Data Protection Act and Electronic Communications Act. Not only does this reduce liability risk for your organisation, it also provides for a safer Mental Health Act experience for patients.

Reduces unlawful detentions

Forms cannot be lost or misplaced. They are all sent via email through a secure, encrypted link and are stored on a private cloud system for safe keeping.

Thalamos is developed through personal lived experience, focus group research, clinical safety experts and consultation with our advisor and steering groups. Before any product feature is developed, it must undergo strict testing to ensure patients will not be adversely affected.

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