Software for psychiatrists

Software for psychiatrists

Thalamos is a bespoke software solution designed to help psychiatrists deliver the best possible care. Start your three month free trial today.

Supporting those who support us

Providing effective mental health support is more important than ever before. But the systems supporting the thousands of UK psychiatrists who work outside of NHS clinical settings are woefully outdated. Many clinicians still rely on paper-based processes which put them and their patients at risk.

Helping psychiatrists help their patients

Thalamos is pioneering long overdue change in this sector. On our platform, psychiatrists can complete, store and share clinical forms. Soon they will be able to handle all their finances and invoicing and also securely manage their diaries.

Information on the platform is fully encrypted and auditable, meaning psychiatrists can reduce risk and improve processes, giving them more time to spend on delivering care.

Complete, store and share clinical forms

Handle all of your finances and invoicing

Securely manage your diary

Shrink Rapt

Shrink Rapt is a fortnightly podcast created specifically for Psychiatrists. We share bitesized insight from leaders in your profession, our primary focus being to discuss innovation, technology and latest research. Listen on or search on Spotify.


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