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Transformative technology solutions for mental health crisis care

Swifter + Simpler + Safer

Thalamos eMHA

A unified, interoperable, and fully digital mental health crisis care pathway that has revolutionised patient care in the UK.

Providing secure completion and communication of Mental Health Act statutory forms, on any internet connected device, that are then shared digitally with all clinical & statutory stakeholders involved in the care pathway.

Thalamos reduces inefficiencies, improves patient care, and supports better health outcomes.

Patient experience

The fundamental objective of MHA Digitisation is to improve patient outcomes, speed up recovery, and deliver a better patient experience whilst in care. By treating patients in the shortest time possible they can be discharged from hospital much quicker.

Joined up care

Thalamos allows multiple agencies and care providers (Hospitals, Police, Social Care, CQC) to seamlessly communicate, interoperate, and fulfil statutory roles within the Mental Health Act whilst providing mental health crisis care.

Data quality

By digitising the existing paper based system and care pathway Thalamos has reduced typical clerical errors on MHA forms by 90%, significantly speeding up treatment times.

Time saving

Time to treatment has reduced from upwards of 14 days to less than 24 hours so patients receive the care they need without delay. Time savings are redeployed into wider patient care focusing extra resources on reducing waiting lists and maximising existing budgets.

Data insights

By improving inter agency communication, we isolate both high and operational level data insights creating visibility across key performance metrics that were previously unachievable.

Staff experience

By removing administrative burden, we allow staff across the mental health act pathways and different organisations to focus on patient care and remove the unnecessary time spent on administrative tasks.

We believe that there should be no distinction or disparity between emergency physical and mental health care as exists currently.

Thalamos screenshots

Our impact

Our solutions improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall patient care.

Clinical benefit

Thalamos has helped reduce access to treatment times from 7 days to 15 hours.

7 days 15 hrs

Patient benefit

Patients can be discharged 1-3 days sooner by trusts using Thalamos.

1-3 days

Error reduction

At one site using paper, there was an estimated 25% error rate, this error rate has been dramatically reduced to 1.6% since using Thalamos.

25% 1.6%

How we're helping

That was the most straightforward system I’ve navigated in a very long time. Many thanks for making it so intuitive and user friendly.
Thalamos saves a lot of time for nurses on the ward. It easily saves 15 to 30 minutes each time they have to read through section papers...This enables the ward staff to spend more time with patients and young people.
Thalamos is the best thing since sliced bread.
I think Thalamos is an excellent idea and long overdue. Paper mental health paperwork is so outdated and just opens the team up for mistakes to be made.
I have been able to use the Forms on Thalamos. It makes work smooth and its easy accessibility, including keeping records is a positive for me.
Your digitisation is the beginning of the revolution for section 136 because your inclusive digitalisation process has identified the pathways, processes and paperwork that can truly move the dial on safety of care and freeing up staff to provide that care.
I would go as far as saying it’s one of the best improvements I’ve seen from a custody point of view within the last several years.
Consultant / Second Opinion Appointed Doctor

Quality Care Commission

Ward Manager

Ancora House, Chester, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Approved Mental Health Professional

Cheshire East Council


North Staffordshire Combined NHS Trust


Cygnet Health Care

Clinical and digital Strategy Advisor, CBE

Pan London Programme

Metropolitan Police Officer

Metropolitan Police, Greater London

The Thalamos Story

When a close friend of Arden’s was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, there was disbelief that an emergency care pathway was managed by moving around paper forms.

Disbelief turned to shock when it became apparent that access to treatment would be delayed whilst they waited for the set of forms to be circulated manually and finally signed off.

Thinking there must be a quicker and more efficient way of accessing treatment during a mental health crisis, Arden and Ross founded Thalamos to digitise the entire care pathway.

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Existing customers

If you are looking for support while using Thalamos, please email or call 0203 886 0385.