With Thalamos Assess you can complete, store and share digital Mental Health Act (MHA) statutory forms on any device. Thalamos Assess is encrypted, secure and auditable giving you peace of mind and more time to spend with people rather than paperwork.

Mental Health Act forms


Complete MHA forms digitally

Create your doctor or AMHP profile to complete digital Mental Health Act (MHA) statutory forms across any device in a few simple steps.


Share Mental Health Act forms

Securely share your completed form with doctors, AMHPs or hospitals helping to save time and reduce errors.

Mental Health Act Forms
Mental Health Act Forms


For all clinicians

Doctors, AMHPs, nurses and MHA legal teams can all use Thalamos Assess. Thalamos is free for independent doctors working across healthcare providers. Through Case Notes you can keep a secure record of independent assessments where an Mental Health Act form wasn’t completed.


of healthcare providers have received a Thalamos digital MHA form in the last 3 months

15 hours

Thalamos has helped to reduce average access to care times from 7 days to 15 hours

4.5 / 5

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Thalamos offers a series of off-the-shelf digital MHA Forms with local customisation and bespoke forms available. Get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.


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