Onboarding users

Thalamos’ experienced Client Team work with you to make the onboarding and transition process simple and seamless.

Dedicated programme manager

A dedicated programme manager will get to know and map out the processes and intricacies of your organisation. With a dedicated contact, your team will have all the support they need to feel comfortable when migrating processes and administration across to Thalamos.

Having on-boarded several NHS Trusts, Cygnet Healthcare’s 70 sites, all 35,000 officers of The Metropolitan Police Service in Greater London, and all statutory functionality for the Care Quality Commission, we are experienced at managing complex large-scale projects.

Dedicated programme manager
MHA stakeholders

Engage key stakeholders

We understand the many different stakeholders involved in the process. Therefore, we look to engage at least one person from each stakeholder group as soon as possible to ensure all perspectives are understood. A typical project board with include a Medical Director, CCIO, Lead Psychiatrist, MHA Office, CIO and/or IT Team, Informatics, AMHP, and Head of Project Management. We undertake extensive user process mapping with clients to ensure we understand internal processes and can identify potential blockers early on.

Rolling out Thalamos

To ensure a smooth process a phased rollout works best, dividing users by type and site. A phased approach enables your project team and our Client Team to ensure that every new user is confident and comfortable using Thalamos before and after the go-live date.

Rolling out Thalamos
Thalamos software on tablet


Attending training is integral to getting your staff using Thalamos, we therefore try and make it as easy and accessible as possible.

Live in person sessions

Our team deliver live training sessions both in person and on-line. We run both small groups and 1-on-1 training so users feel comfortable asking questions so any concerns are resolved quickly. We run multiple training sessions daily allowing your teams to find a time that works for them and their team. This allows them to rearrange at short notice also.

Tailored Sessions

We understand that everyone has different IT abilities, so we ask for this information before each training session so that we can conduct the session at a pace suitable for everyone.

Support & resources

24/7 phone support

Chat function

Dedicated email

How To Videos

Online training guides & manuals

FAQ & ‘Quick Solution Library’


Thalamos offers a series of off-the-shelf digital MHA Forms with local customisation and bespoke forms available. Get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.


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