Thalamos is thrilled to announce the appointment of Marcelo Silva as Head of Customer Success. The Head of Customer Success is a newly created role, designed to help support the surge of NHS trusts signing up to Thalamos and ensure we continue to deliver excellent customer service and onboarding experience.

Marcelo previously worked in the Customer Success team at Lantum, a total workforce platform for healthcare organisations, reducing spend and empowering healthcare staff.

Marcelo is Brazilian, born in São Paulo and raised in Rio. Whilst working as a dentist in his early career, he realised how innovation and technology could solve problems and improve health outcomes for the patient. He set up his own diagnostics centre and was able to reduce patient waiting time for x-rays from 10 days to 24 hours, whilst also reducing the cost.

Arden Tomison, Founder & CEO of Thalamos said: “Marcelo is a fantastic appointment to the Thalamos team. He joins at a busy and vital time for us. I believe he will make a fantastic contribution to onboarding new NHS trusts and local authorities as well as setting up processes and procedures to ensure we deliver exemplary customer service and user experience”.

Marcelo Silva, Head of Customer Success at Thalamos added: “I am so excited to have joined the Thalamos team. I can’t wait to start using my experience to do my favourite thing in the world: improving patients’ outcomes by supporting clinicians and healthcare organisations with innovative technology.”

When he’s not working, Marcelo’s passions include playing the guitar, reading a good book and fitness. He loves to go for walks along the river with his wife and two puppies, Lona and Nina.