The pace of digital innovation in Healthcare currently has never been seen before in the UK. Full credit to Trusts and clinicians for embracing this change and seeking out the solutions which best support them and their patients. On face value however it can be challenging to separate the Good, Bad and Ugly.

That’s where Orcha come in.

To help healthcare professionals and consumers know which health apps they can trust, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) has launched a health app formulary. The site is a free to use resource and includes reviews of health apps across a range of health conditions relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to announce that Thalamos has been selected to be featured in the formulary.

When Covid became a clear and present reality we decided to make Thalamos free at the point of use. The idea was to support clinicians with the tools they need without increasing the burden on procurement teams faced with the challenge of their professional lives. Thalamos will remain free, within reason, until Covid is no-longer with us. The sooner the better hopefully.

ORCHA measures the health of health apps. It verifies the accuracy, security, and risks associated with their use.

The COVID-19 Health App Formulary can be found at:


Founded by NHS clinicians, ORCHA is the world’s leading health app evaluation and distribution organisation.

Part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme, ORCHA provides services to the NHS in 50% of regions in the UK, providing app libraries and professional recommendation tools across a broad range of settings. It runs national health app accreditation schemes to national bodies worldwide.

Its unique review engine tests apps against 260 elements across clinical assurance, data privacy and user experience, plus additional criteria depending on needs.

It reviews around 500 apps every month, including automatic re-reviews of apps when they are updated.