Across the world coronavirus is reshaping the way we live, interact and do business. Healthcare workers are at the epicentre of the crisis but its waves have reached almost every element of daily life.

COVID-19 has brought great personal and collective loss but there are glimmers of light. We’re seeing an amazing community spirit emerge with mutual aid groups and support networks forming in person and online. There’s also been an incredible response from businesses as companies discount their offerings to NHS staff or build new tools to help combat the virus and its effects.

Right now, every company is asking themselves how they can help tackle the virus and Thalamos is no different.

We’ve already made our software completely free to the NHS and are working hard behind the scenes to roll out additional features. Our MHA Forms for AMHPs (Approved Mental Health Professional) will be ready next week. This will make it possible to complete the MHA admission process digitally and without paper.

A digital Mental Health Act is now more important than ever. Physical distancing is the cornerstone of the global containment strategy and is essential in protecting vital healthcare workers. Digitising the Mental Health Act means that health professionals can complete all necessary forms online and eliminates the need for a physical handover. This reduces opportunities to pass on the virus so doctors, social workers and administration staff can remain healthy.

A digital process also allows Mental Health Act forms to be completed and submitted more quickly. This is especially vital at a time when mental health services are experiencing acute pressure and increased demand. Every minute saved is a minute that can be spent helping a patient get the support they need.

These are extremely difficult times but the answer to any crisis lies in our collective response. The coronavirus outbreak has changed our world but we can still control the outcome. Supporting each other and supporting the NHS is the way we’ll meet its challenge.

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