The spread of coronavirus is clearly having a great impact on every area of society. It is placing extraordinary pressures on everyone who works in the NHS. At Thalamos we are acutely aware of the particular challenges being faced by Mental Healthcare professionals.

Given these circumstances, Thalamos has taken the decision to make our current software free at point of use to all clinicians with appropriate approvals. Our software enables psychiatrists to complete Mental Health Act assessments digitally and securely share Forms.

It is our hope that by digitally completing and sharing MHA Forms clinicians are able:

  • Limit physical contact and the physical transport of MHA Forms around sites
  • Speed up the process of transferring MHA Forms – freeing clinician time whilst there are increased staffing pressures

We are also in discussion with individuals from the CQC, the Department of Health and Social Care and RCPsych about accelerating the development of further functionality. This functionality will mean we can support approved mental health professionals, nurses, administrators, alongside doctors.

Today we have released guidance on how Thalamos can be used in conjunction with other software tools throughout this period. The guidance also includes best practice for sharing Mental Health Act paperwork and electronic signatures. Guidance here.

It is understood that the government will be including provisions for the Mental Health Act in their emergency legislation on Thursday this week. We will release a further statement following this announcement and update our guidance accordingly.

If you would like to find out how Thalamos’ software could help your team then please see our guidance here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with any questions or queries. Feel free to contact:

CEO Arden Tomison
COO Ross Tomison

To all Healthcare Professionals, the Thalamos Team wish you the very best through this immensley challenging time.